🌹On Trend Summer Hair and Beauty Looks Part 01🌹

Posted by LASHD Team on 25/02/2020 2:05:13 PM


We’ve got your hottest hair and beauty looks as we kick off 2020, according to the experts.

From brushed brows to dewy cheeks.

Brushed brows


brushed brows

By far the hottest trend to sweep the beauty world in 2020 will be the brushed brows. They’re already making their way across the beauty landscape in the USA, UK and now, Australia. And the trend shows no signs of slowing down.


The look is achieved by brushing back the natural brows and securing with a clear spray, clear brow mascara, or even soap! (That’s right, ‘soap brows’ are a thing!) A little brow liner or powder can be added if the brows need filling out, but the idea is to have a fluffy, natural-looking finish.


Pro-tip: Book in for your regular brow wax or threading [link to LASHD site for waxing/threading] but let your beauty therapist 

know that you’re going for the fuller look this season. They’ll wax or thread away any outlying stray hairs, but help you to keep your brows fuller and on-trend this season.


Cream blush (with matte foundation) for summer


Cream Blush

The next must-have in beauty this coming year is cream blush. It’s been hailed by the experts at InStyle as the ‘go-to’ easy beauty trick this season for a dewy, youthful look. Easier to blend 

than powders, it can be spread over matte foundation (another beauty staple this season) and effortlessly blended in to help define cheekbones and add anything from a dramatic burnt hue to a soft pink tinge to the complexion. Best of all, it doesn’t cake and lasts all day long (and into the night). So, you can go from drinks over lunch to evening parties without so much as needing a touch-up.


Light lip liner


Light lip linerComing into summer, we tend to see dark, dramatic lips fall away to be replaced by nudes and shimmering golds and pinks. This season will see that trend return, but with one dramatic difference. Lighter lip liner is making its way into beauty palettes all over Australia and is quickly becoming a summer essential.

Creating a subtle highlighted look to the edge of the lips and paired with a shimmering or lipstick or lip gloss, the lighter liner trend is an ethereal addition to your party-season look. This looks just as great with overdrawn, exaggerated lips as it does with your more conservative, traditional look. Be sure to keep your liner in your purse to reapply here and there if necessary.


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